Increase your productivity
in Microsoft Outlook

Do you send, receive and file a lot of emails and attachments?

FolderFrog can save you time and help you keep your emails and attachments organized.

What is FolderFrog?

FolderFrog is a Microsoft Outlook add-in.

It adds buttons and menus for  filing your emails and attachments with a very few clicks.

FolderFrog eliminates many repetitive and tedious Outlook manipulations that slow you down and break your concentration when you process your emails.

Feature Benefits
Automatically proposes the most likely folders for filing your emails and attachments. Spares you a lot of tedious and repetitive browsing of files and folders.
Allows single click filing of emails and attachments. Makes your email processing much faster and smoother.
Saves attachments using smart file names based on the attachment version, sender and date. Helps you keep track of your attachments.